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Refel's Quotes

Let God

Let the chips fall where they may, and then let God direct your life and show the way.


The words and musical notes I hear are indelibly etched in every region of my consciousness, but they are not mine. I am rather the recorder with an open heart to hear the music which is the product of God's most sacred thoughts when He rests. This union for which I was chosen is rare, not of my making, and for a purpose that is unknowable.


Grow to be grown, grow to be educated, grow to be successful. Grow to be wise and gently old, but most importantly grow to be kind with a heart of a servant. There is found true happiness and purpose.

Giant of a man

Walking tall, a giant of a man with a down in the soil musical heart.


Love is not blind, it is not deaf, it is not mute -- so see it in others, let them hear it in words not always spoken; speak it and love will be heard by the world.


The soil is my stage, and the music that grows there nourishes my soul.

My Pasture

Bigger than me is the hay crop I grow in my very larger pasture gardens.

Sustain Life

All things that sustain life are far bigger than me.

The Present

Living in the present moment is the God way
and living in the other two influencer spheres of gone yesterdays and unknown tomorrows, leads to dead end streets and a perpetual state of unhappiness.

When God Smiles

When God smiles the rains, come, grass grows, fish swim in deeper pond waters and wildlife rest from far and wide travels looking for a cool drink and a brilliant green blade of grass. Thank you God

Why I Believe

The reason I believe in God is that the day he created me I was there.

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